Date: October 12-15th, 2023
Place: Valencia, Spain
Duration: 3 days, 11 sessions
Rules: Mahjong Competition Rules
MERS Certified: Yes, MERS-6
Maximum players allowed: 160
Current players registered: 0 / 160
Countries currently represented: France Italy Netherlands Spain Austria Switzerland Germany Belgium Sweden Denmark Hungary UK Poland Portugal Cz Finland Ireland Norway Romania Slovakia Ukraine
Registration up to: May 15th, 2023
Registration fee: 170 € (VAT included). Includes 3 lunches, 3 breakfasts and break meals/drinks.

Our contact address for general questions and requests is Before the tournament day, we will also send alternative means of contact and emergency telephone numbers to all the players participating.


The tournament will take place in Hotel Port Azafata Valencia, located in the outskirt of Valencia. It is a very convenient place next to Valencia's Airport (5 minutes using a shuttle service or the subway) and with good connections to the city of Valencia thanks to the near subway stops. The Hotel offers the following facilities:

  • Free Parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Free Airport shuttle
  • Restaurant and Bar

The exact location of the Hotel is:

Hotel Port Azafata Valencia is offering us special prices and conditions for the players that want to lodge with them (subject to number limitation).

The promotional code that you have to put when you make the reservation is: MAHJONGVLC2023

Alternatively, you can also lodge in the following nearby locations:

The subway goes from Valencia's Airport to the City of Valencia. The nearest stops are L5's (Green Line) "Rosas" and "Manises", both at around 10-15 minutes by foot. You can check all the information about Valencia's subway here, including a map.

Tournament Schedule

October 12th (Thursday) October 13-14th (Friday-Saturday) October 15th (Sunday)
EMA Assembly 08:30 - 09:30 Welcome & breakfast 09:00 - 10:50 9th Game
Referee Certification 09:30 - 11:20 1st/5th Game 11:30 - 13:20 10th Game
Registration 12:00 - 13:50 2nd/6th Game 13:30 - 15:00 Lunch
Others 14:00 - 15:30 Lunch 15:10 - 17:00 11th Game
15:40 - 17:30 3rd/7th Game 17:30 Prize Ceremony
18:10 - 20:00 4th/8th Game
20:30 Optional Dinner

At the end of the tournament there will be prizes for the winner, the runner-up and the ranked 3rd player, plus prizes for the rankeds 4th-10th and the 3 best teams.

Registered players

We will update the list of players as frequently as possible. This is the current list of confirmed registrations:


# Name EMA number Country Team Dinner